B&Q and Rainbow Family Picnic


Saturday, June 15th at 4:00 pm Beers & Queers is partnering with the Knox United Church to host a family and friends picnic at Fernie’s Rotary Park! Hot dogs, hamburgers, pop, etc will be provided. If you are able to please bring a potluck dish to share; if you aren’t able there are lots of burgers to go around so don’t be shy! (Please indicate if ingredients include gluten, nuts etc for the comfort of those with food allergies.)

Come join the games, relay races and contests to win some fun prizes! It’s a great opportunity for people in the LGBTQ community to bring their family and friends together for a fun day in the park.

Handy items to bring: camping chair for your comfort, hat, sunblock, your gorgeous self!


  1. Sounds fun! Do you know of anything going on after? Maybe for the adults? Bevvies somewhere?Thanks! Du Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android



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